We offer the best in laser treatment, using the most advanced technology in the market. 

See below for the best long lasting results offered by the new LiteFLO technology. 

This will not be found anywhere else in Huddersfield.

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LiteFLO technology now available in a dedicated Hair Removal machine.

The incredible 'LiteFLO' engine has been adapted to fit into the InteliBrite FLO-ONE, the world's first and only Hair Removal machine of its kind.

The FLO-ONE has all the benefits of the FLO+ machine - iCycle skin cooling & the 4 capacitor engine - delivering the incredible LiteFLO treatment by simply skimming the handset across a client's skin.

With the FLO-ONE the machine has been designed around the world's most popular light-based treatment - the removal of unwanted hair.

The FLO-ONE offers a dedicated hair treatments using the unique LiteFLO technology which allows for a Pain Free Treatment. Next generation InteliBrite enables an amazing moving treatment, where the LiteFLO IPL Applicator is constantly skimmed across the surface of the skin to deliver treatment. As well as an 80% reduction in treatment time it’s completely painless, gentler on skin and provides even better results

(a patch test will always be necessary)